Serving Northwest Michigan

Offering the specialized support and guidance you may need

Dr. O’Donnell  is a Licensed Psychologist with extensive training and experience in working with children and families with a wide range of challenges and strengths.  She specializes in services for families with infants and young children. She offers a supportive, comfortable, and family friendly setting in which you can learn new and effective ways to manage your family’s challenges.

Work together as a family

Dr. O’Donnell offers individual and family therapy as well as parenting consultations. You and she can decide together how best to work together to meet the challenges that you face as a family, to achieve your goals, and to enhance the connections that you share.

Strengthen your parenting skills

Being a parent may be one of the toughest jobs you’ve ever had, and it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.  Many of us find ourselves struggling to meet the demands of being a parent.  Dr. O’Donnell can offer new ways to meet those demands in a safe and supportive environment.

Dr. O’Donnell accepts most insurance plans, including, but not limited to, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Priority Health

Services also available in Spanish


Addressing your unique situation

Dr. O’Donnell can work with you to decide together what would best help you to achieve your goals, and strengthen your family relationships, whether it might be family or individual therapy, or parenting consultations.

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