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Develop a better relationship with your child

Dr. O’Donnell can work with you to develop stronger and more satisfying relationships within your family.  Those connections can help you to be better able to share joy together now, and to form a solid foundation for your child’s lifelong development.

Children thrive with structure

Effective discipline helps to provide a safe and predictable home for families.  Dr. O’Donnell can offer strategies that will help you to feel more effective as a parent, enhance your child’s compliance with your expectations, manage your feelings and your child’s in a way that is helpful, and provide relief from troubling behavior patterns.

Communication is the key

Effective communication is vital for more satisfying parent-child relationships.  You can learn to improve communication between you and your child so that you better understand each other and feel more connected to one another.

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Skills that last a lifetime

As your child grows, learning to manage social challenges at home and in school can allow for confidence and success.  Dr. O’Donnell can offer tools that can last a lifetime that can enhance your child’s social and emotional adjustment.

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